The Privilege, Power and Promise of Prayer

SEARCHING FOR TRUTH: Pearls of Wisdom in the Parables of Jesus

Lesson 1: King Saul and Disobedience

Lesson 2: King David and Leadership

Lesson 3: King Solomon and Inheritance

Lesson 4: King Rehoboam and Consequences

Lesson 5: King Jeroboam and False Gods

Lesson 6: The Prophet Elijah and Confrontation

Lesson 7: The Prophet Elisha and the Mantle

Lesson 8: The Prophet Isaiah and Repentance

Lesson 9: The Prophet Jeremiah and Protection

Lesson 10: The Prophet Ezekiel and the Guarantee

Lesson 11: The Prophet Hosea and Reconciliation

Lesson 12: The Prophet Amos and Moral Decay

Lesson 13: The Prophet Micah and Empty Worship